Wealth management companies London are in their numbers with variety of different services rendered to those in need of financial advice. So it is very pertinent to know which of them suit your investment plan. Saunderson House as a wealth management consultant amongst other wealth management companies London services includes: investments, cashflow planning and modelling, pension planning, inheritance tax and estate planning and life assurance and ill health protection.

At Saunderson House, their team of advisers’ are dedicated to investment research to help serve clients better through their advisory investment service and discretionary management service. From this investment services, Saunderson House wealth managers communicate and report to their clients on the performance of their investments against negotiated benchmark for a follow up.

Few of the wealth management companies London have cashflow planning and modelling to their services offered as do Saunderson House. With this service, a client’s financial strength is surveyed with the mind of determining the best investment plan to take in order to achieve set goals – investment wise, through which potential value of client’s assets and income can be forecasted from the investment plan, embark upon.

From pension planning, inheritance tax and estate planning to life assurance and ill health protection, Saunderson House got all these covered in the range of their services to clients’